Blue Heart – “Tiny Treasure”

I just had to let you all know! Today, while quickly washing up after eating dinner, I poured some Dawn liquid detergent onto one of two frying pans I was cleaning. The liquid poured out of the container and landed on the large frying pan. As I set the bottle back on the counter, I looked back at the frying pan to see the detergent had formed the shape of a perfect blue heart. Unfortunately, my hands were moving so quickly I didn’t have a chance to stop and admire this beautiful blue heart, an unexpected work of art, as long as I would have liked. At times, these “tiny treasures” are fleeting while at other times they linger.

Stay tuned for upcoming stories of “tiny treasures” both past and future. I see them as signs of comfort from the angels. Is my son, his angel, reaching out to me with comfort, hope and love?

Hugs and hope to all bereaved parents.

Monica Hofer
Always remember, You Are Not Alone ❤

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