First Xmas Tree - My Treasures
Matt and Jordi with Uncle Adrien. This is their first Christmas Tree! They loved it. It was Matt’s size. Matt made the star at school. The boys left their prints on the window. Another sweet memory. ❤
Jordi and Matt
Matt and Jordi. Jordi went through a stage where he sucked his thumb, around 7 months old. It only lasted a short while. I told him one day, “Don’t suck your thumb, Jordi, or you’ll have crooked teeth, like this.” And I made a face. Being the reasonable little kid he was, he stopped shortly after that. It’s almost like he understood it was bad for him. Precious.
Flood of 1997 - Mom, Jorid, Ovi
This is Jordi during the flood of 1997 with Mom and Uncle Ovi on a park bench by the old Provencher Bridge. Notice the height of the water; it’s almost touching the bottom of the bridge. It was a very happy day for us. The kids and I went over and picked up Uncle Ovi from his room at Tache Hospital. Jordi got to know his Uncle better that day and wasn’t so afraid of him after that adventure. Big brother Matt’s taking the photo, my little expert photographer. Another wonderful memory.
Jordi - on blanket on floor with bottle of milk
My big boy Jordi, with his bahbah (bottle). Just like his big brother, Matt, Jordi loved his bottle.


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